Space-Gard Furnace Filters

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For Model 2200 Air Cleaner
For Model 2400 Air Cleaner
Uses #201 Filter
Uses #401 Filter
Space-Gard 201 Replacement Filters Space-Gard 401 Replacement Filters Filters For Space-Gard Model 2200 Air Cleaner Filters For Space-Gard Model 2400 Air Cleaner

Space-Gard & Aprilaire: One In The Same

At one point Aprilaire rebranded all of their air cleaners as "Space-Gard". The model numbers for the filters and air cleaners remained the same, but the brand changed. Eventually they eliminated the "Space-Gard" brand and everything became "Aprilaire" again, but some of you may still have an old Space-Gard air cleaner in your home. The models listed here were the only ones sold under the "Space-Gard" brand.

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